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Brandon Blake Bio Information

Project Submissions Co-Ordinator for UKSRI

Replied to emails sent to UKSRI ( regarding proposals. Sent out a project proposal for propective research projects File:UKSRI Research Proposal.pdf

Text from assorted emails

Initial Contact

  • received March 1, 2011

Sorry if there has been any delay in getting back to you. We’ve had some unforeseen circumstances over the last few days. Thank you for contacting the UKSRI. If you can please complete the attached document and then return it by email. I’ll then forward it on to the UKSRI directors for their perusal and you should here back within a month if it has been selected.

Please note that during this period all UKSRI communications are being monitored by appropriate authorities. They may be in contact and we apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

We look forward to receiving your proposal,

Brandon Blake

Updated Project Proposal Email

  • received March 3, 2011 - (note the attachment mentioned was not attached)

To whom it may concern,

Recently we have been overwhelmed by project application proposals and requests for submission documents. Currently at this time we are looking to reply personally to those who have contact us, but unfortunately due to unforeseen circumstances regarding the disappearance of a colleague at UKSRI there may be a delay in replies.

In the meantime I have attached some additional information regarding our current outlook on project submissions and the areas of most interest to UKSRI and its partners, other project proposals not within this area will not be considered going forward:-

  • Neurological Research
  • Stem Cell Patterns
  • Investigation of Chiral molecules
  • Infectious Disease Research
  • Drug Efficacy

Please find attached a project submission form. Please complete all information in detail and include references from peers and colleagues within you organisation or university, of scientific importance.

Kind regards,

Brandon Blake

Correction email with Attached Proposal File

  • received March 3, 2011 -

Apologies, my head wasn’t screwed on this morning. It’s been a very stressful few days.

Please find the proposal form now attached.

Best Regards,

Brandon Blake