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Hints and Tips

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  • When you watch the Kidnapping - Caught Live on Video Log - Friday 25th February 2011 Video, pay attention to the ID Badge the woman is wearing - information on it can you lead you to other places.


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Caution: contains spoilers. List of Characters

Kidnap Video

  • Watching the Kidnapping Video, you will see the ID tag of the kidnapped woman.
Search the name of the company she works for: UKSRI
Go to the website http://www.uksri.org/

UKSRI Public Website

  • On this page you will find some contact details. If you email them, you may receive a reply.
Contact details: info@uksri.org
Submit Project Application: projectsubmissions@uksri.org
  • Look around the website, will find a profile of the kidnapped woman, name Jessica Harrington under the Initiatives - School of Pharmacy - Jessica Harrington profile.
This gives her information:
Jessica Harrington (on her UKSRI ID it says Harringtion)
ID Number: 35900621
Blog, http://jesshjournal.blogspot.com/
  • Click the button that says to log into Intranet Portal.
Takes you http://www.uksri.org/intranet/user/35900621
Click Sign In. It will ask for ID and Password.
Use Jess's ID 35900621 and try different password combinations, after a couple tries a button will come up saying "Forgot password" Click that, and one of three pictures will flash up, with a question you must answer. These pictures and answers can be found on Jess's blog.
  • What is this traditional meal called? A: Matooke
  • What country is this? A: Baghdad
  • What is this cat's name? A: Mipsy
  • Answer successfully and you are in. You will see that the correct login ID/Password combination is:


  • A pop up message tells you that the site will be undergoing maintenance on the 5th of March for 2 hours.
  • Marked on the calendar 2nd March "ParcelVault: Add delivery details to Parcel Vault Tracking Code 110311." And a hyperlink to http://www.parcelvault.co.uk/index.html
There are several different folders with materials to look through.
Video Logs

These are Jessica's reflections on her work's progress.

  • 0001 - 7.21pm 3rd Jan 2010: Dave good at computer stuff, crush on Jess, Jess not good with technology
  • 0002 - 7.35pm 3 Jan 2010: Camera falls down to reveal note, when rotated, it appears to read "Feed Cats!! *AVE 078 101 541 67"
    [Agent Verne discovered this http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=811830&sid=b4bab540fd89eac933621611262f94e5#811830] Speculation is that the word is "DAVE" before the number.
  • 0003 - 7.45pm 3 Jan 2010: First day on phd research. facilities amazing - must have friends in high places. looking forward to working with a great team of scientists.
  • 0014 - Jan 14: started developing tests for research, feeling good about it, believing her catalyst will enhance edffectivenes of most medicines. what she's working on will make her rich, could be huge, not that's why she's doing it. will have a huge impact on the pharemecutical industy.
  • 0032 - Feb 14 2010 5.30 pm: Interested in Tribal medicines. Thought it was bullshit at first, but looking deeper into it, there's some good stuff at the lab. Dave helped her. It's starting to pay off
  • 0122 - 9.35pm april 26th: Looking at research into Drug synergis, Found test in late 1970s. interesting but disturbing. thinks its time to start trials of syrum.
  • 0128 - 30th April 6.32 p: increased rate of tests, after few mistakes has solved problem hat has extended life of test drug. looking for side effects, all appears normal. so far so good.
  • 0240 - 26th May 7.12 pm: Pissed off. Hit brick wall with research, having hard to concentrate. time to go back to basics
  • 0450 - 10.20 pm august 5th: It's working. ran suite of trials - drugs effectiveness increase by 200%. Downplaying results to lab, people starting to ask too many questions. Going to keep these logs more private
  • 0610 - 13th september 7.45pm: Awkward day ran into adam Hunt, which was strange, been a long time. He looks great. Had some great times on their trip. Tests showed strange side effects, questions came up. Have to speak to Robert see if he can help her out.
  • 0784 - 1st oct: Robert advice is not helping. Think someone with his experience wouldn't waster her time with stupdi ideas. Going to do it herself the way she thinks it shoudl be done.
  • 0854 - 2.30 am saturday morning: Gone a step further - took an injection of new syrum two days earlier with half a sleeping tablet - she's been asleep since (26 hours). She's wondering what else she could try it with next. Gotta be careful, still has a bit of a headache, woozy, that's strange. Know's she shouldn't, Dave would be angry if he found out.
  • 0923 - New Years Eve: Having trouble controlling synergetic properties, as it ranges from 10% to 120% enhancement. Maybe it doesn't matter, but she thinks she's got to get it under control.
1.21 - 2.5 - 5.65 - 10.37 - 4.5 -
12.35 - 7.1 - 14.3 - 13.76 - 5.13 -
2.68 - 9.5 - 3.14 - 9.12 - 9.5 - 2.68
  • PHD Video: Pharmacy & Biomedical Science Postgrad Research. This is a promo video to encourage PhD study at Portsmouth University. Doesn't look relevant. Coloured letters float across screen - code?
  • My Favourite Place: Uganda The Pearl of Africa (video)
  • Libya: Euronews - Mediterraneans - EN - Libya (video)About a country opening up to the rest of the world.

To Access the Private Files, you have to play a game. It is very frustrating and can even seem impossible, but it is not. Once you have won the game you will get an Achievement and have access to the private files.

There's also handwritten notes, seems to be a code but - N.B. Liave Ekeli pointed out that MKULTRA trials really happened OOTG & this is exact same document - more info on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Project_MKULTRA

  • Video Log_0978: "Something seems strange today, I've seen some faces in the lab I've never seen before. I spose I'm just being paranoid. But just I dunno I feel like I've been looking over my shoulder all day. I've found parcel vault and I think it'd perfect to store my important documents. Shit maybe I'm being stupid but I just don't know who to trust. What if what I've found gets into the wrong hands?"
  • Poor Cat (Video): Wright Air Development Center - Aero Medical Laboratory - Presents Effect of Mescaline Analogues on Behavior of Cats. WPAFB 1957 ebaumsworld.com Shows a cat normal, then on LSD shaking all over the place unable to walk. Voice over then says "We are not truly aware of pensions relationship to illegal drugs. He's very aware of LSDs roles in the development of subcultures but he's also equally aware that this was created by government."
  • LSD Trials (video): 1964 LSD test on British Marines. In the 1960s the British armed forces were experimenting with non-lethal methods of incapacitating enemy forces. The troops who took part in the trial were volunteers from 41 Royal Marine Commando commanded by Lt/Col RP Carter MC RM. Drug added to water on the second day. The men no longer take cover. Lost air of urgency. Many are laughing. Communication collapses. Still able to sustained physical effort - one man almost chopped through tree using only a spade. Wiped out as attacking force.

Parcel Vault

  • Go to this webaddress http://www.parcelvault.co.uk/index.html Type in tracking code 110311, it says Parcel Ready for Dispatch ID# bel110311 and has a link "Enter Postal Address." You enter your own postal details and enter the parcel ID bel110311. You will receive a confirmation email that a delivery will be made on 5th March est.
    Only 7 physical packets were sent out - but others could access a digital copy. A list of the contents can be found on the Parcel Vault parcel page.
  • AgentVerne from Unfiction forums listed the following from the physical packet - 1 CD, with the (fragmented) sections of a call to Global Line Logistics (I think).
  • 7 sheets of paper:
    1. Cover sheet, saying thanks for using us
    2. Partial shot of a booking form for easyJet, for booking a flight from London Stansted to Belfast, departing 11 March 11 at 11:15 and arriving the same day at 12:30, Flight 257.
    3. Part of another easyJet page, with nothing of note on it.
    4. Partial shot of a Translink bus service site, for a buts from Belfast airport to Belfast Europa Buscentre/Glengall street, with a handwritten note of "1pm Bus!"
    5. Partial shot of a UKSRI page, with a Batch number (467) Order number (9087738), part of a description (Ergoline Dervative), A signature for R Watt, an a sticky note with "Love Dave :.)" on it.
    6. Part of a hand-drawn section of an single stranded RNA sequence, with an A base circled with a note saying, "Must Retest!" and dated at 28/04/10
    7. A list of locations and dates, with Belfast underlined and 11/03/11 circled.
  • A review of the materials in the parcel lead to another web site - Global Line Logistics

Global Line Logistics

  • from Agent Verne at Unfiction forums - The audio files mention Global Line Logistics (which has a website at globallinelogistics.com) and a tracking number of gll37750

Pharmucom Website

Contact Email info@pharmucom.com

Jessica's Blog

Summary of dates and rudimentary of Jess's blog posted on unforum by dreemxweaver http://forums.unfiction.com/forums/viewtopic.php?p=813736#813736
  • 8/15/06:
    Left for airport, met UKSRI team
    Departure, 8 hour flight to Abu Dhabi
  • 9/2/06
    Arrival in Abu Dhabi
  • 10/16/06
    Toured the ICNR Hospital, 6 floors
  • 12/2/06
    UKSRI members fall ill
    J avoids sickness with herbal remedies
  • 12/12/06
    All remaining members (including J) fall ill
  • 2/26/07
    Coffee w/ Univ of Bagdhad Prof.
    Coffee tasted off
  • 3/22/07
    Invited to go to and departs to Africa w/ Robert Watt from Entebbe International
    Plane ticket:
    • Economy Class
    • Gate A12
    • Seat 26B
  • 4/1/07
    Arrival @ Kampala, Africa
  • 6/30/07
    Return from Africa
    Mipsy died while J was away
  • 7/3/07
    J wants to return to Africa (or return to her UKSRI team, it isn't made clear
    No contact from UKSRI team