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Jessica Harrington's Journal

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titled - "My Geeky Journal"

Information from her blog is used to access her Intranet account at UKSRI

Summary of dates and rudimentary of Jess's blog posted on unforum by dreemxweaver

  • 8/15/06:

-Left for airport, met UKSRI team -Departure, 8 hour flight to Abu Dhabi

  • 9/2/06

-Arrival in Abu Dhabi 10/16/06 -Toured the ICNR Hospital, 6 floors

  • 12/2/06

-UKSRI members fall ill -J avoids sickness with herbal remedies

  • 12/12/06

-All remaining members (including J) fall ill

  • 2/26/07

-Coffee w/ Univ of Bagdhad Prof. -Coffee tasted off

  • 3/22/07

-Invited to go to and departs to Africa w/ Robert Watt from Entebbe International -Plane ticket: --Economy Class --Gate A12 --Seat 26B

  • 4/1/07

-Arrival @ Kampala, Africa

  • 6/30/07

-Return from Africa -Mipsy died while J was away

  • 7/3/07

-J wants to return to Africa (or return to her UKSRI team, it isn't made clear