Kidnapping Video

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Kidnapping Video

Ideas, clues, codes and a breakdown of the Initial Kidnapping Video

A lot of discussion is taking place over at - if the attribute of where info is coming from is incorrect, apologies and please fix (geologylady)

  • February 25th: The game begins with the posting of this video. It is posted on the pages main site[1] and on the black helix youtube channel [2]
  • The woman works for UK Scientific Research Initiative(UKSRI) [3] as you can see her badge.

  • The last frames of the video flash an image/symbol. (Bolg, Michelle and Minz - white bkgrnd image from michelle)[4]


  • The symbol flashing at the end of the video only shows the second bulb (as posted by michelle on p11) at the top when contrast is almost maxed. (Minz)[5]

Minzsymbol hc.jpg

  • There are many posibilities about what the symbol means/represents (many are dicussing including Agent Verne, chelec, digigaia,swish,tygr20 and Minz)
    • Caduceus - the staff of the two snakes. The staff is the attribute of Hermes (Greece) and of Mercurius (Rome). It has, on account of this, become a symbol for trade and communication
    • Rod of Asclepius
    • the caduceus, or snakes' staff, has been mixed up with the Aesculapius staff, with only one snake, a symbol for the art of healing or medicine
    • a link with medicine,commerce and alchemy
    • United Startes Army Medical Department uses the caduceus

  • You can also see this image tattooed on the kidnapper's left hand (image from Minz). Perhaps a secret society or just someone who likes the symbol.

Minzbh hand.jpg

  • The kidnappers face is shown just before he switches of the videolog. (image from minz who wrote - I have adjusted brightness and contrast a bit on that picture in order to get a better look at him)

Minzkidnapper bh.jpg

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