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Achievements are unlocked as you complete tasks and solve puzzles. On a person's profile page there is a section for Achievements with a total of 15 possible achievements. It seems as you unlock achievements, your profile status changes. You start as an investigator. When you complete the first five achievements, you become a private detective.


12 achieve.png
As of March 24, 2011 - there are 12 possible achievements one can unlock and the current profile status with all ten reads SPECIAL BRANCH

Connected with Facebook - this is unlocked when you connect your Facebook account to your Black Helix Profile at

Joined the Hunt - this is unlocked when you register and create a Black Helix Profile through

UKSRI Intranet Access - this is unlocked when you access Jessica Harrington's UKSRI Intranet Account -

Private Folder Access - this is unlocked when you beat the Whack-a-Dave game and access Jessica Harrington's Private folder in her UKSRI Intranet account

Bonus Achievement - this is unlocked when you request delivery of the Parcel Vault item -

HIDDEN BASE UNCOVERED - this is unlocked when you visit Global Line Logistics -, use the tracking code from the parcel received from Parcel Vault and then zoom all the way in on the Blue Anchor.

Joined Zero Tolerance - This is unlocked when you join Zero Tolerance after receiving the link in an email to .

WATCHED BELLS DOCKS CAMERAS - Login to Zero Tolerance and click the view recording button ( - as you watch the hacked cams, you earn the achievement

REGISTERED FOR GEO-CACHE HANDOVER - at the Zero Tolerance site you can register for an event to help hand over secret information -

LIVE INTERROGATION - at the Zero Tolerance site a live stream was broadcast at 9:30pm GMT of an interrogation of one of the people from the Bell Docks Camera recording

Regain Control From Amrucom - Armucom has taken over the Zero Tolerance site - by using the back door access (must beat a game via facebook), you can earn this achievement.